It may be time for an a.r.e.a. improvement!
Are You, Your Small Business, or Non-Profit having troubles with:
Bickering employees? 
Employees quitting?
Feeling lost at work? 
No sense of purpose?
Can't keep customers?
Customers never satisfied?

Jeff has gone through every one of these in his businesses, and the 4 step process he has developed comes from how he has coached himself and the companies he works with out of this deadly slump.

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Toxic Free Challenge
“The clearer the communication is on each level, the stronger your company will be in achieving its Aspirations.” 

- Jeff D Banks -
About Jeff: 
Jeff D Banks is a Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach who helps Small Businesses and Non-Profits.

He and his wife have started two Early Childhood Learning Centers, a Children’s Activity Center, and a Coaching / Consulting business.  Jeff has also worked in Children’s Ministry for over 20 years, has a degree and has worked in Early Childhood for over 15 years. After a successful career owning and working in his businesses, Jeff takes great joy in helping other small businesses and non-profits discover the value of their vision, leadership, team, and customer experience, which will ultimately increase the company’s bottom line.

About the A.R.E.A. Improvement Process: 
The 4 steps  to the A.R.E.A. Process are: Defining and Communicating the company's Aspirations, Roles, Expectations, and Appreciation. Each one is worked on in this order because they all will build upon the previous one. 

The Results:
You will see improvements in the following A.R.E.A.s: Strengthened Leadership, Lower Employee Turnover, Increased Customer Satisfaction, and Deepened Customer Loyalty. All from communicating and having clarity in each of the 4 steps!

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